I am an Organisation Consultant, a Psychotherapist and an Executive Coach by profession and main area of my work is working with individuals, groups and communities in the areas of culture, Inclusivity and diversity, leadership development and Organisation Behaviour and Culture.

I am a Fellow  of   Sumedhas Academy For Human Context,  Member of Indian Academy for Organisation Development,  Institutional Member of Samikshani.  I am also an Associate Coach with Centre For Creative Leadership (CCL) and an ACC with the International Coach Federation.  I have been a visiting faculty to IIM Ahmedabad, IMDR, Symbiosis and FLAME. I have been directing the Gender and Identity Lab offered by Sumedhas along with co-directors, since 2004.

I am deeply interested in the area of personal growth, stories of our lives, understanding fellow human beings and in the area of inclusivity, gender and diversity and large part of my professional work is in the area of Organisation Culture (explorations and change), Inclusivity and Diversity and in leadership development.

This blog is a vehicle for expression for me and my guest authors’  opinions, insight and experiences about human nature, personal growth,  psychology, gender,  community development, review of books and films, and significant social issues, themes or context that touch us deeply.

This blog is also to connect with fellow bloggers and readers like you, to listen, to learn, to share and exchange ideas and to connect with you.

I would be honoured  to have  your comments, views and experience about yourself, and about my blog and the content.

Stay well and take care.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Sharbori,

    It is really a small world and I think I know you. I have attended one development workshop with Ashok and you in Raichok in 2009. The organization was Groupe Developpement (Roop and Uma), I worked there briefly.

    I may be completely off the mark, if so I am sorry.




  2. Hi Sharbori!

    Wasn’t blogging much these days. I saw ur post telling that u hve moved on to WP, but cudn’t visit you.

    Today, i saw ur blog… quite a changed look! Howz ur experience with WP? I will be taking email subscription.

    Stay in touch 🙂



    • hey, good to hear from you. the experience has been quite good. this is much more advanced and sophisticated. takes a bit to get used to it but if you are not afraid of technology, it is fun.


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