who am I (part 1)

As one would say that when people (most people!) get older, they become reticent or they start reminiscing about the past more than they ever did before. Well, for me, I think I have become much more aware of who am I or what is it that I do in being me. This may sound like a philosophical discourse but to give an example, I can say that earlier “being me” was a preoccupation with what I did or not and who received it or not, etc. Today, I am far more aware of who am I in the way that I am. Very simply speaking I am aware that my way of speaking, my intonations, my expressions and my way of relating, given that I am a hypertensive, impatience, critical, anxious and intense individual, generates whole lot of feelings for whole lot of people in various ways. for some people, my expressions create disturbances like intimidation, fear (depends on

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