Visiting the giant neighbour!

My daughter M and I visited China in March 2012 and it has been one magnificent trip.  We visited five cities over a period of 12 days and each one of those cities has left us with wonderment, fascination, curiosity, amazement, memories and questions.  Our taste buds got tickled and challenged, new people met and new friendships forged.  There were so many things that we absolutely loved and many others that left us feeling hesitant and not very good, things that we took with a pinch of salt.  In the coming days, I would try and post memories of China from varying view points as they have stayed with me after my return.

Green Goa

I made a trip to Goa in August this year. One of the things that struck me right at the beginning was the sheer green cover the place has, and the green was overwhelming. The roads were lined with trees which were covered with creepers all over. The cool breeze of rain continued to sweep through the roads. During this trip I did not go to all the usual touristy places – rather drove around small villages, roads, small empty beaches, small churches, temples, people doing their daily chores ….. usually when we go around like tourists, we perhaps perceive people as part of the “exhibits” – at least that’s what happens to me. This time, I watched and observed around, drivers who stand around in front of the hotel to pick up passengers, receptionists who are used to the tantrums thrown by the guests, women who sells flowers outside the temples trying to make a quick buck, people in

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