Everyone needs a space to express ….

Today our domestic worker Mary came a little early and was looking rather troubled. I gently enquired and out came the story of a matter of difference of opinion between Mary and her children (one of them is married) and how used she is feeling, etc.   As she was describing the chain of events of last evening, night and this morning, she sounded tired and a bit hopeless.  I did not know what to do, except to give her a patient hearing and be there lest she needed support.  I did not want to patronise her by comforting her or advising her as to what she was to do, etc.  I believe she is perfectly capable on making her own decisions on the matter. She possibly needed someone to just listen to how she felt, like we all do from time to time. Anyway, in the afternoon today, I requested her to teach me to do a diwali rangoli as I

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Memories of Diwali/Deepavali/Kalipuja

The biggest religious festival of India is round the corner. My daughter was describing the festive spirit of Delhi during Diwali and I thought about the spirit of this festival in the southern part of India. As we were discussing how this festival encompasses almost the entire country, we also realised that the same fervour may not exist in the north eastern part of the country or in Kashmir. However, the point is that this festival of lights is celebrated in most parts of this country. After I spoke to her, I thought about the memoreis that I have had of this festival. My childhood memories of Diwali are of in and around Kolkata, and have different flavours.