Taking the train to Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The station When I started in the morning, I was expecting a “normal” train station, i.e. trains coming in, whistles, hustle-bustle, vendors … you get the drift, right? specially if you are from India 🙂 However, as I took the metro to Union Station, Toronto, toeing my daughter like a obedient student, I did not expect to view a “calm” station. I mean, while the hustle-bustle was there, there was no sense of hurry (in Canada, every one walks fast paced, no time to be laid back, or smell the flower on the way, so that is par for the course), no anxiety for “train chut raha hai” … people were buying coffee from Starbucks, munching into their morning croissants and standing in queue to board the train. Queue? and where was the damn platform? All I could see was a big large majestic looking hall, where train numbers and gate numbers were displayed in electronic boards and people queuing

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