Guest Speaks – Show Me The Money by Arundhati Ghosh

Arundhati is the Deputy Director at India Foundation for the Arts. She also independently consults for not-for-profits with over 15 years of experience in the areas of organisation set-up and strategy, communications, resource mobilisation, media relations, donor management, evaluation and programme management. She hates air conditioners and hair products. SHOW ME THE MONEY! I had once heard an art auctioneer smirk at a funding organisation at a party and say, “I don’t believe in philanthropy. If the artist is good enough, the market will find a way to support him. Everything else is a hospital, keeping should-be-dead art on life-support.” I wanted to point out to him that if that was the case we would never have heard of Kafka or seen the wonder of Van Gogh. However, the wine was too tempting and it seemed rather pointless to explain why the arts need funding, free of the market, to someone who thinks that building his own archive and creating a

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Guest speaks – “The Just War” by Raghu Ananthanarayanan

I am watching the BBC news and the airtime is filled with various European and American heads of Nations talking about the ‘just cause’ and how they must stop Qadafi from killing his own people. The performances were polished and crisp. The first though that hit me was “what underlying sense of power and assurance in the demeanor when war is on”.  It is almost as though the only time the western leaders come really alive is when they are in a war like situation.