The Aam Admi and Indian Politics – Guest Post by Ashok Malhotra

Arvind Kejriwal has founded the “Aam Aadmi” Party. However, what Kejriwal has come to symbolize is so distant from the average Indian that it is difficult to see him as an “Aam Aadmi”. On the other hand, Narendra Modi is a lot closer to the average Indian, and this is not just because of his OBC-Chaiwala background (though they are also significant) but more to what he has come to symbolize and his dealing with the emotive conflicts of the present day Indian Identity. Thus while Kejriwal may evoke a lot more admiration and reverence, Modi is a lot easier to identify with and hence conveys the impression that he is not just an idealist but a practical man who knows what he is dealing with and has demonstrated some ability of doing so. One of the significant struggles for the present day Indian is the conflict between sectoral leanings and larger Indian identity.

Guest Speaks – Support Hazare at Own Peril by Ashok Malhotra

Support Hazare at own peril The Yaksha asked Yudhishtra -what is the most surprising feature of human existence?  Yudhishtra’s reply was “the fact that we all know that we are mortal, yet behave in a manner as though we will live for ever”. The insight is useful in understanding how we all can shout slogans, take up candle marches and keep symbolic fasts in response to Mr. Hazare’s clarion call, and, totally ignore the fact that in the ultimate analysis, his real fight is with us and our obscene life styles. It is tempting to delude ourselves into believing that he is fighting only against the Rajas, Rajus and Kalmadis, and the rest of us are only enjoying the priviledges due to us by our merit and earned by us through our hard earned money.  It is tempting to close our eyes to the fact that we are all beneficiaries of an exploitative, inequitable and corrupt superstructure. It is tempting

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