Reconnecting with “your own”….

I recently made this trip to my hometown and spent time with people who are related to me by blood, i.e. cousins, uncles and aunts. We have not met each other for a long time and had never really grownup together. Earlier, the times that we met up each other were the occasional family events, either someone’s marriage or death. (I have always felt partly amused and partly sad about these connections when people come together either for connecting two people or saying goodbye to the departing souls as though our connections are based on something onerous happening in our lives. Otherwise, there is no need to connect.) But I digress!

Why wouldn’t you think with your heart?

“Why wouldn’t you think with your heart?” Asked a dear friend,  during the recent Lokpal bill controversy, because I told her that I did not write anything as it would be based on emotion and passion, which in my opinion, does not hold much water in a debate.  “If everyone were to be rational and detached, what would happen to heartfelt thoughts?” argued she.  I listened to her all right, but my “heart” told me I was right.  But then again, am I? Hence this post.  Do think with your heart?  I can tell you when I do.