Andaman Diaries – day 2

We decided to take the advice of Mr. Xavier, the travel agent of ITC Port Bliar. Mr. Xavier is a Tamilian who is very proud of his Chettiar origin and it is displayed in all his rings, heavy chains and other jewelleries. His grandfather came from Myanmar and since then they have settled down here in Port Blair. We took our first trip to Ross Island – very close to Port Blair (much later I realised that there are Ross Island and Smith Island at the north point of Andaman Islands as well). We hired a 10 seater for ourselves and our journey started from this ferry point. We were also enticed to book a coral view cruise in a mini ship which gives us 45 degree view under water. The journey was about 30 minutes to Ross Island, or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island as the name now is situated at 3 km east of the central port of

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Andaman Diaries – day 1

We took a short trip to Andaman and NIcobar Islands in February 2022. The weather was fantastic, neither too warm, nor cold, just right. When we drove out of the airport, the island looked pretty much like a small town in Kerala, similar winding roads, small shops, buildings that did not rise beyond three stories, pretty non descriptive I would say. Made me curious to know more about this place. The drive from the airport to the hotel took 15 minutes . Lovely hotel as you can see from the picture on top. However, much later I realised that no one stays in Port Blair for more than one night, whereas I booked the hotel for four nights! The receptionist, the travel agent and the lobby manager were surprised that we were going to stay in Port Blair for four days!!! This was conveyed to us within 10 minutes of arrival at the hotel. I felt like kicking myself. Let

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