Spectac-ular Old Age!!

I was talking to a friend of mine over the phone the other day.  She is in her mid thirties and recently became the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl.  Over the phone, she was telling me about her parents move from one city to the other and how this move, in her opinion, would bring about some definitive changes in her parents’ lives.  While discussing all these, she also told me about her expectation from the elderly, and she said this: “I did not know that I expected the elderly to be spectac-ular”  and she later went on to explain that this means that they ought to take good care of their health, have a sound and intelligent state of mind, be enthusiastic about life, maintain good relationship with everyone, be worldly wise  and have sound financial wherewithal.   She also said, how unrealistic does this sound, to herself, and she wondered what brings about these expectations in her. 

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What does loving mean to us?

“So, is the cold war over?” asked he as he turned towards her with a twinkling in his eyes while she joined him in the leisurely evening walk. She looked at the sky, not immediately responding, waiting for him to say something more, then looked into his eyes -which were waiting for an answer to his question. She smiled, “there was no cold war”! He laughed out loud and retorted “Oh, so what has been happening between us for the last two days, is just normal”? She remained silent … not answering immediately, thinking to herself …”what was it that happened?”