To Stand Aside!

Went to the Passport office for the second time today. Yesterday they were not happy with the papers that I had taken proving that I was indeed divorced. they wanted all the papers ; and in a way it was my mistake that I did not take the whole bundle of papers giving gory details of what he did and what I did and why the heck the judge passed the order for the divorce, etc, etc. I felt weird  handing over those papers citing unpleasant and intimate details of our lives to people to who these would not matter one bit, save for administrative purposes. But then, it had to be done.  Left a deep distaste in my mouth.

the boy who wanted to be a “magic-tian” – part II

The boy, now a young man, took up a job as a clerk with the state government in Kolkata.  Most of his siblings had also settled down in Kolkata by then.  The young man, lets call him P, had given up on his dreams of becoming a magician and a doctor, continued to work as a government employee and passed his spare time mostly in gambling and drinking.   The money left by his father for his and younger sisters education and marriage vanished into the blue with his elder brother’s film making business.