16 thoughts on “>Wordless Wednesday – Monsoon!

  1. >Sharbori, your Wordless Wednesdays speak a lot, dear…..Loved the snaps. you have a blessing with the camera as you have with the pen. Thank you for the treats. Hope to see more of these in days to come.


  2. >the first photograph brought this haiku mind -'moist leaf:a sinister black crowserenity'nice pictures. a name i thought for your blog was 'Soul Curry'…i use that tag, but somehow i feel it goes with your style 🙂


  3. >hhahaaa…yes. But forbidding was the first word that came to my mind when i saw him. also with the haiku contrasting images work best. so i like the image, that the contrasting of 'moist leaf' and 'sinister crow' creates, to show the whole serene frame 🙂


  4. >I love the rainy season, especially when I am safe inside the house without getting my feet wet on slushy roads. And looking on, like I presume you have here, with a hot cup of tea warming your palm.


  5. >@Radha: LOL, that's a nice visual, with a hot cup of tea. actually this was taken in front of a quaint old cinema house in one of those quiet neighborhoods of bangalore.good to have you here after a long time. how have you been?


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