I will be out for the weekend and I realised how much am I going to miss my blog and my blogger friends.

If I look back at the last couple of months, I can see how many wonderful  and talented people I have met in the blogosphere.  People who write about varied subjects, people who are as different from me as cheese and chalk, people who have very similar interests in life as me, people who have known me differently and now also are my blog buddies and are co bloggers.  The experience has been extremely rich and rewarding.

There are so many blogs that I love reading and keep going back to get my fill every day;  some of which are:
http://myriadutopia.blogspot.com/ – for lovely and soulful poems

http://stuffnoonetoldme.blogspot.com/ – for great animation and humour

http://weblogbetter.com/ – a wonderfully written blog for tips and tricks hosted by warm and friendly Jean Sarauer.

http://www.everydaygyaan.com/ – for touching and inspiring posts hosted by a very compassionate Corinne.

http://bloggingwithoutablog.com/ – again a very well written helpful and friendly blog hosted by wonderful Barbara

http://cybernag.wordpress.com/ – for a humorous yet vibrant landscaping of a woman’s life

http://eveslungs.blogspot.com/ – posts on varied subjects coming straight from the heart of a passionate person.

Many many other such ones are part of my blog roll that I visit every day to laugh, to think, to feel inspired, to feel touched, to act, to respond …. and everyday is a new experience.
I have received responses to my posting in many different ways, some helpful tips, some friendly pats,  some kind comments, some helpful critiques, silent but regular visitors …  All these make me want to write more.
I have learnt from my friends about blog etiquette, about various techniques and tools that I can use, about what it means to be a blogger and why do we write and about passion, rigour, commitment and focus.  I am so grateful and appreciative of all my friends who comment, who visit and who teach me to be a better person and a blogger every day.
What about you?  how’s your experience of connecting in the blogosphere?

I live in Bangalore, India, and by profession, I am CEO of a consulting organization, an Organization Consultant and an Executive Coach. I write because I like writing my thoughts and reflections for me to review my life and the life as I see around myself. However, sometimes it makes sense to convey my thoughts to others and connect with others. Maybe it strikes a chord; may be it does not. My life has been my most outstanding teacher, which is why I like sharing my experiences, memories, encounters and other narratives that I build as I go along. I am interested in people, society, culture, ways of life, individual and collective narratives/stories as they lead us to discover each other as nothing else does. I also write about coaching, people's lives, culture, stories, mothering my daughter, believing in a feminine way of life, and most of all, believe that all politics starts from the self and personal convictions

4 thoughts on “>Connecting!

  1. >Hi Sharbori,the weekend has become a week now, and you have surely been missed :). There is also going to be a gap in the coming month or so where I'm probably not going to be blogging too much. I will miss it as it has been a very releasing medium for me. Initially i wrote as a way to keep connected and informed to the few people who write around me, but now i look at it as something beyond simply remaining connected. Now i don't so much bother about trying to share beyond the few people who read what i write now and then, if there is something specific i want to share with someone i e-mail them a link. I write for myself…but it always feels good to know that there are people around with whom i can share through their posts. Like you so nicely put it..'to laugh, to think, to feel inspired, to feel touched, to act, to respond …. and everyday is a new experience.'


  2. >Hi Antara,thank you for pushing me gently! Hey, I miss this space too and I wish to come back as soon as possible. While I do write for myself, I also write for others, I like the connect, the sharing that the blog generates and I have a sense of dialogue with many people across the globe.I have been travelling insanely on work and even today i am at work. But perhaps that is another lesson to be learnt, i.e. if we truly feel passionate about something, how do we make time for it. And, I do feel passionate about blogging.will come back soon, very soon.thank you once again.


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