What does loving mean to us?

“So, is the cold war over?” asked he as he turned towards her with a twinkling in his eyes while she joined him in the leisurely evening walk. She looked at the sky, not immediately responding, waiting for him to say something more, then looked into his eyes -which were waiting for an answer to his question. She smiled, “there was no cold war”! He laughed out loud and retorted “Oh, so what has been happening between us for the last two days, is just normal”? She remained silent … not answering immediately, thinking to herself …”what was it that happened?”

Reconnecting with “your own”….

I recently made this trip to my hometown and spent time with people who are related to me by blood, i.e. cousins, uncles and aunts. We have not met each other for a long time and had never really grownup together. Earlier, the times that we met up each other were the occasional family events, either someone’s marriage or death. (I have always felt partly amused and partly sad about these connections when people come together either for connecting two people or saying goodbye to the departing souls as though our connections are based on something onerous happening in our lives. Otherwise, there is no need to connect.) But I digress!