the boy who wanted to be a “magic-tian” – part II

The boy, now a young man, took up a job as a clerk with the state government in Kolkata.  Most of his siblings had also settled down in Kolkata by then.  The young man, lets call him P, had given up on his dreams of becoming a magician and a doctor, continued to work as a government employee and passed his spare time mostly in gambling and drinking.   The money left by his father for his and younger sisters education and marriage vanished into the blue with his elder brother’s film making business.

>Amazing women in my life – part 4

>This story is about B …. she was born in erstwhile Bangladesh, eldest of three sisters. She grew up being educated in the village school and finished her Matriculate. The stories that I heard from her about those days, were full of her liveliness, her feeling one with nature, her writing poetries, her curiosity about people, life and the world in general. She loved teaching and did not really care about getting married. But this was not to be … being the eldest of three sisters and remaining unmarried and blocking the queue was not a conceivable idea for a girl some seventy five years ago. To top it, her father was not really a very efficient person who looked after the family well, hence the mother grew more and more anxious. B was quite a plane jane to look at and she was dark. But one asset that she had was her hair, which went below her knee, long,

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