>Amazing women in my life – part 2

>Today I am going to tell you the story of my cousin  Neelu.  She was born in early 1930s in Rangoon, Burma.  Her parents later settled down in Kolkata and Neelu was largely brought up by her mother. Neelu’s childhood was not very pleasant, she grew up watching her parents fight;  mother struggling to make two ends meet but at the same time trying to give her the best of education and comfort that she could provide. Neelu went to a convent school and had many friends.  She was a gregarious and  lively person, who loved to live!  She loved food, she loved outings, she loved the good things in life, she loved gossiping, she loved meddling in other people’s lives, she loved helping others, she loved cooking and most of all, she loved being appreciated, recognised and loved. In no time Neelu fell in love with a young musician who also happened to be the landlord’s son.  Needless to

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>the bipolarity of static masculine and dynamic feminine

  Reposting ing something from 2009.   Hmmm … all the good things that i experienced over the last two weeks went out of the window in the last four days. i was on an emotional roller coaster, hardly having any control over my rawness, ended up having meaningless fights and arguments and loathed myself the most. there were some moments when i just wanted to die … notwithstanding my need to dramatise my life. but some insights and resolutions … first the insights: I have been reading this book “Masculine and Feminine” and it talks about the two types of masculinity and femininity and the interplay between static and dynamic. one such bipolarity is between static masculine and dynamic feminine. in simple terms, people who are more towards this pole negatively, are torn between being rigid, opinionated, vocal, intrusive, dictatorial, idealistic, etc, etc on one hand, and between being reckless, impulsive, histrionic, rebellious, self loathing, drowning on self pity,

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