In the present

I was taking a walk this evening in the walking area of the complex where I live.  Cool, breezy air was sweeping my face and hair, evening was just setting in, children were playing around making happy sounds, young mothers were gathering around to chit-chat with each other. The sky wore a pensive look, as though it was finishing the last bit of chore before going off to sleep.  The trees looked sombre in unison against the grey backdrop of the sky.

>Death and Dying

> It is approximately 26 days that my father has passed away. His passing away was sudden and hopefully not too painful for him. I last met my father at home nearly one and a half years ago … when i was leaving Calcutta and that home for good …. in January 2007. I was so caught with anger and disappointment, that i did not even say good bye to him on my departure. No, i am not going to talk about my regret about that, for i have none. over the last year and a half, my anger and my disappointment about his behaviour and his lack of “self respect” (at least in my perception) had given way to my understanding and compassion for a person who was pre-occupied in his need for safety and familiarity and it was OK for me that he chose his path the way he did. Just because he was my father, he did

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