> I will be out for the weekend and I realised how much am I going to miss my blog and my blogger friends. If I look back at the last couple of months, I can see how many wonderful  and talented people I have met in the blogosphere.  People who write about varied subjects, people who are as different from me as cheese and chalk, people who have very similar interests in life as me, people who have known me differently and now also are my blog buddies and are co bloggers.  The experience has been extremely rich and rewarding. There are so many blogs that I love reading and keep going back to get my fill every day;  some of which are: http://myriadutopia.blogspot.com/ – for lovely and soulful poems http://stuffnoonetoldme.blogspot.com/ – for great animation and humour http://weblogbetter.com/ – a wonderfully written blog for tips and tricks hosted by warm and friendly Jean Sarauer. http://www.everydaygyaan.com/ – for touching and

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>Poor Facebook

>I am holding out a candle for FB here. I keep hearing from many people, especially people who like to take themselves very seriously, comments about FB and such other sites, which are often evaluative, judgemental and dismissive. I then notice that most of the these people are not even regular user of the site, although all of them have their account in it and despite their negative perceptions, have not checked out of the site. I have been in Facebook since the last two years and i do enjoy the occasional tomfoolery, sharing of light moments, sharing of photographs, thoughts, opinions, and many other such things. But what i most enjoy and like about FB is that there are many others who are using this tool to spread their message about deeply held beliefs, political stances, seeking support, sharing other people’s ideas by re posting their ideas, causes, videos, poems, articles,etc. Also it is a great place to connect

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